Nyampe soekarno hatta 06.30 pm , check in proses   jetstar   berhadapan dengan nona muda berusia sekitar 20-an ,,bikin kikuk karena bolak balik passport dan Tanya “ mau holiday ato ngapain? Pertama kali ke Taipei? Holiday kan, mba? Whaaat ! why so tendentious emangnya kenapa mba? Ada masalah ya,,dan kluar deh ktidakpedean sesaat. Nggak..  beli ticketnya bulan februari ya?? Iya memang kenapa? No just wonder whether have to pay airport tax or not? Ok  should I pay or not? No,,then she lend me boarding pass ,still don’t know the reason about airport tax free…,the gate D-4 will be open at 19:30 …

So arrived in Singapore   1 and half hour but the time fast forward 1 hour so it will be 10:35

I went  straight away  to the toilet and then get dinner next.

I asked to an old Indian lady who was very kind, I as her name she said dewi  ,si Indonesian

I askd her where Mc Donald is because the food that I am very familiar with and I am devoured for burger actually.  Then she gave direction and walking aside beside me. I ask her to accompany me in case she didn’t get diner yet but the lady said no thank you.

Ok, so…hmmm

I landed to Texas chicken and the silly is I ask for beef !!! what a dumb


Waiting room I sat in front of sport channel

I met Ghea sukasah with her children twice, first when I am waiting for D4 gate open in soekarno hatta airport then second time when I am looking for food in snooze lounge  seem so coincident .

I eat so  hungry

And now 12:15 I should take a rest for a while

Waiting for password wifi in changi but 3 times I tried never get sms yet ,,,so I just passed this free….shall I go sleep now?


Eating breakfast in Killineys I choose fish meatballs which sound the taste seem plain  for 5.80$ Singaporean, but sorry I don’t recommended this one.


Tap drinking water  in every selected corner


Waiting for departure to Taiwan. My plane already waiting there.

First day in Taiwan

Touching down Taoyuan Airport 11.45 am ,,clouds seem unfriendly raining hard outside

Inside Taoyuan Taiwan International Bandara


Immigration process took only 30 minutes in queue

The officer ask for passport and scan my finger print ..

Two times to scan then succeed

Ready to exit the airport.  Ahhh… so excited even though still raining but let’ just sit outside…


Waiting my friend in stop 16 ,,Not more than 30 minute She and her lovely husband arrived to pick me up.

Then ,,,,Taipei  here we comes



First visit to Carrefour  buying some

Have to insert 10 dollar Taiwan(NT)  to take the shopping cart which  regain able after finish and put  back to the cart pool


All variety of rice but selected only Thailand rice which very close to Indonsian kind of rice

DSCN2932cake 6$ for 5

My friend has 3 children which after school have kind activity in children shelter


All in Chinese ….can’t understand

Tips for traveler exchange your money in Taiwan do not exchange in Indo the value will be lesser

And The journey begin

Small rain reaching the day in the morning. I planned doing  a lot of things outside. No resist for my plan.

National Palace Museum

From the place I stayed Taking bus no 645 from Birjani school  toward  Ghu Kong stop bus then walking along about 300 metres



Beef Halal Noodle

We couldn’t sit inside the Resto because  it’s almost 2 pm and all the seller must close the shop. It’s just their rules. We must obey and respect.  The shop will open again at 4 pm.

So yeah…we could eat our meal in the park.


Taipei 101

Taipei 101 formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark supertall skyscraper in Taipei and was officially classified as world’s tallest in 2004 before the coming new tallest  one in every part of the world include Dubai, New york, China etcIMG_5422IMG_5416IMG_5440IMG_6489

Day 2 The journey continuing

Zhishan cultural and ecological Garden


Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden is totally gorgeous. It’s not often that you get to see such a spectacular green space in the middle of a congested city. Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden is totally worth visiting if you want to be immersed in nature but can’t necessarily venture a day or two out of the city.

If you’re familiar with Yangming Hospital, then Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden is actually quite nearby. The nearest MRT station of probably Zhishan MRT station on Taipei City’s red line, but we took a taxi there. There are old leaning trees and twinkling ponds in this reserve. Not to mention a plethora of plant species.

I Met a very nice lady in Zhi sin Ecological and cultural garden . Her name is Mrs. Shiaw. She said that her husband can speak Indonesian Language. Then I gave her my card and said that if she come to Indo please meet me.  And After go back I received message from Mr. Shiaw. He said that her wife has met me and He offered to get lunch. . What a nice offered! Of course I said yes. We agreed that Monday at 12.00 am.

Meet My friend in her Mandarin courses place named TLI addressed in Lanya park


Look …There are a line of yellow bike to be rented only 5NT for every 3 minutes we could pay in cash or by eazycard

My friend indo’s friend about to Eat at Japanese resto as a farewell celebration for a friend who will back to Indo.

Eating Shabu menu which selected only with water boiled not a meat stock. With vege and seafood menu.


After the stomach full and outside still raining. I then bought un umbrella in family mart. We went to traditional market to buy some daily food


Ciang kai sek memorial Hall


The First President of R .O.C


No kidding it’s huge building

Third day of travel

Toward Keelung to see sport competition between Indo community in National Taiwan Ocean University. Seriously it feels like we are in Indo unless the people look alike Taiwanese.  All talking bahasa.  Where am I ??


Meet a very polite and nice girl originally from Aceh name Vinta who will accompany me to adventure Taiwan.

We ready to sweep up Jiufen old street. By shuttle bus toward Riufang station then take Taxi to Jiufen. Waiiit,, never pass the opportunity to try street food.  And a regular milk tea and an egg snack like martabak  in Indo.


Jiufen old street


Full of small shop.  In small road only 2 people distance space way. Every street food, unique craft, motels, souvenir shop all in this small area.  We sometimes find fine house in between the shop

Eating diner at Arabican Nights ordering Kebab and again hot milk tea.


Day four

The schedule is about to try High speed reel. Tend to try until Zuoying station in Kaohsiung city, south area in Taiwan but too expensive so I just decide only till Hsinchu destination. Pay 305NT for each person.



zuuuuuus…only about 30 minutes to reach Hsinchu from Taipei main station

Look the different inside both train




Then we back again by regular train toward Taipei but in half way we decide to take MRT in Beitou toward Taipei Main station.

Shilin Night Market


Exploring a very exiting night market still in the middle of the rain.

Can’t wait for this day about to have lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Shiaw .

My eyes seem not cool at that time. Very red and blurred.  So, I tried to find Pharmacy near the Citibank. I found an optic store maybe they sell the eyes drop. Yes, but the stock is out of stock at this time. And they tried to give me another optic which the place is crossed the street.


I bought an eye drop which Mr.shiaw insist to pay it for me.

Then They said we could get  lunch in Vietnamese or Japanese.

We agree in  Japanese Resto. Different Japanese resto which I eat with my friend  days ago. Seem nice place and cozy. I followed every my friend said about ordering food in Taiwan, because seems the same about halal and non halal for moslem. Then my friend ordered tempura and I ordered fish and rice.


After eating

We went mountaineering  to YangMingShan

From Zhishan MRT to Beitou MRT in red line then take bus no 9 to Yang Ming Shan

We should be patient waiting for the bus because need 30minutes only.

DSCN3324not this bus

but this small bus DSCN3323

Mrs.Shiaw suggested me to sit near the window so just can see the view along the way


Tamsui  seaside

Not too far from YangMinShan only 5 stop station red line MRT-ing from Beitou to Tamsui why don’t we just finishing this day by touring to Tamsui


Yehliu Geopark

DSCN3428DSCN3432mushroom rocksDSCN3434Look at the Queen;s head from far

the formation of sea bays is due to the impact of sea erosion on softer rock layers, while those hard and solid ones may therefore turn into sea capes eventually.

Daan Mosque

Taipei Grand Mosque  located in Da’an District of taipei City.


Last day in Taiwan

I was riding bike and went around Meiti Riverside park. It’s a big place to do a lot of sport such a walking, running, riding bike the track is safe available, playing tennis, basketball and kayaking since the river is  long and clean. Facilities also included toilet, water tap, a wood bench .


very envy for facilities in public park they had here. Wish Jakarta has at least one like this. Amen.


Back to Indo

Touching down Singapore at 12.00 pm

While waiting thanks to Osim for an hour  foot massage



A very special thanks for my beloved best friend Mella, and her Fam Mas Budi, Radit, Naya and little Kansha


Travel To Taiwan from Jakarta

Chapter 1 why Taiwan? I just don’t know what will I get but as a person who love traveling every journey is exciting. I’m sure about culinary, people, sightseeing, transportation, cultures must be very different from mine, even though we are still Asian sister. Looking for the ticket. oh Garuda Indonesia provide no more , so try another cheap flight . Jetstar promo seem tempting. don’t be so so delusional about getting very cheap flight. First, I thought wow only 2.628.091 return ticket from Jakarta-Taiwan but then the excitement drop dead.  Look the details

Jetstar Airways | Flight Information

Ticket : Check Passport : expired in September 2015 , must be renewal soon because less than 6 months , The immigration office will not allow me to get in the plane. Visa : Not yet process I still have time to process Meanwhile prepare camera, backpack, light clothes, and sneaker So, this is silly. I use Nikon camera s300 with en el 10 battery and I didn’t know that the battery is rechargeable. Whaaaat !!!!?? Yes, So I bought the camera around April 2011 and then I used about 1 year and buy a new battery for 135.000 Rupiahs. I almost give up and want to sell the camera but thanks for curiosity, I found on Google that the battery has charger. I search and search the match charger is Nikon battery charger MH-63. and how about the price? ok, I tried Amazon and other local Nikon Official. Ending up in local online shop http://www.bukalapak.com and the cheapest price I got is 71.700 Rupiah include shipment. 20150302_125652

Monday, 09/03/2015 Prepare for passport renewal 1. KTP check 2. Family card (KK) check 3. Birth certificate check 4. Diploma certificate check 5. Pharmacy license check , This document is needed because I, now working for myself in my pharmacy business 6. older Passport All document have to be copied in A4 paper Don’t forget to bring black tint pen to fill the form. Tomorrow morning will have to be ready to go on 6 o clock, I don’t want getting in last queue and waiting too long in immigration office. I decide to process renewal at Passport services unit in Bona Indah, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Since the office is not so far from my place. My hair already long and messy so better I go to hairdresser to cut my hair. You know that in every document always wonder why is the pic is so creepy and bad pic even if you already applied such a sufficient make up and good hair. I don’t know it might be the camera has no good resolution.

10/03/2015 I woke up at 5 by alarm call. It’s supposed to be only 10 minutes getting ready to go but due to one and other incidental condition finally I was ready at 6. I want to get ready early but I can’t. seem domestic issue need my attention in early morning too. Car engine start the vehicle toward Bona Indah plaza where immigration office was at. My prediction is I could get there in about 1 hour estimating distance between home to Bona Indah is only 11 km. But plan is only a plan. we never know traffic out there. 6 o’clock the traffic is already busy and my car only move 10 Meters for about 15 minutes. Gooosh, I hate Jakarta traffic in the morning. I only hope I could get there before 7. Finally reaching the place in 6.15. take the parking ticket and pull off the car. Take the bag, document and get out of my car. Wish me luck. Seriously!!!! the office is already full of people, and I am little bit hopeless not getting queue number. “Sorry miss” said the officer security. you can’t get the line . the queue number has already full you could come back tomorrow and be ready in here around 6. whaaaat?!!!

13.03/2015 DONE! for take photo and interview. phuiihh…just so relieving! and it’s 9.25 AM . Why can’t I? I was arrive at 5.15 after leaving the house at 4.48 and still dawn. The parking gate still not open yet. So, I just stop outside the office and eat breakfast and drink my still hot morning coffee. After parking without ticket because the auto machine was error then I walk toward the immigration office. I saw a man and an eccentric lady with blonde apart hair. smiling . please write your name on the list said the older man who apparently get in line very early. oh I couldn’t see the form which attach on the side wall. Then fill my name which already 3 prior name before me, so I got number 4. The office will open the door around 8. So what am I supposed to do in this boring office to kill my time. I could just go back to the car and waiting inside, but no. I don’t want to miss anything. I already prepare for an old novel which my Aussie friend gave me 4 years ago. It’s called “this is not a drill, by Paul carter. So I was just sitting on the porch, and heeey who is approaching me and waggling her fawn. Golden white cute hutment cat, she seems pregnant and need a hush hush loving care…

DSCN2798 DSCN2794

I kind of worried a little when the photograph officer ask me to adjust my hair. why? It seems messy? No, just a bunch in your forehead. Oh! I see on the mirror and pull off my rubber band and try to tight together but this still pull out and then I said , I think the hair is like this. He ask me where would I go and with whom while taking my finger prints. “Taiwan! and alone I said straightly. why? No, Just traveling, I said. visiting your boyfriend? eh why he ask me about boyfriend, is it legal o he just want to know my personal identity. No, just visiting an old friend and she is girl. Shit!! why I said that. He even doesn’t have a right to know who I will visit in Taiwan. OK. He looks at my photo on computer and quite for a while. I see his reaction and said. Always look ugly on pic, No, you’re pretty. whaat?!! He said I’m pretty. All charges is Rp. 355.000 What would you like to pay? oh I will use credit card. ok! you should come again and take the passport on Tuesday, 18th , at 1 -3 pm, next week. You just only bring this receipt and show to the officer down there. Ok, Thank you sir. Take care! He said Hmm, such a nice and very kind man.I murmured.

14.04/2015 DAY 35 TO TAIWAN I decided to proses online visa today. I think it’s not too close or too far from due date. First I just klik link from email from TETO officer  here is the link  https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/BOCA_MRVWeb/subroot/MRVWeb0_form.jsp For WNI/WNA who has one of the following countries’ visa or PR (still active): USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Europe Schengen, Australia, New Zealand; could apply online (free) and no need to apply to Arta Graha Building. The link is here  https://oa1.immigration.gov.tw/nia_southeast/ A. PERSYARATAN UNTUK VISA KUNJUNGAN WISATA 1. MENGISI FORMULIR DI https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw, LENGKAP DENGAN TANDA TANGAN PEMOHON DAN MELAMPIRKAN PASFOTO 6 BULAN TERAKHIR UKURAN 4X6 CM (berwarna dan background putih) 2 LEMBAR 2. MASA BERLAKU PASPORT MINIMAL 6 BULAN (untuk single entry), MINIMAL 12 BULAN (untuk multiple entry). 3. SURAT KETERANGAN KERJA DARI KANTOR atau SURAT KETERANGAN SEKOLAH BAGI PELAJAR ( asli dan diatas kop surat resmi ) 4. FOTOKOPI REKENING TABUNGAN. 5. FOTOKOPI KARTU KELUARGA. 6. BIAYA VISA SINGLE ENTRY Rp.460.000,- VISA MULTIPLE ENTRY Rp. 920.000, make sure 1. your browser is Mozilla Firefox , I already try wit IE and OPera and all failed 2. you have to read all the question carefully before you fill in the blank 3. prepare your host adress in Taiwan complete with Phon number and email. Friend, Family or if you traveling alone make sure you already search the hotel 4. of course return ticket 5. be honest with every answer you fill 6. There are 4 pages all and after you fill the last page (4) you will got pop up acknowledgment which is merely you understood what you fill on the form. Make sure you read and scroll down and found the direction to print the form, if you didn’t find the button then you have to make sure your browser is right. I mean I found Mozilla firefox is perfect. and print in A4 paper. in upper left form you glue the photo 4×6 size in white background. 7. Ready to go to TETO office in Gd. Artha Graha Sudirman road, Jakarta.

16.04/2015 It’s 5 o clock in the morning, After moning pray prepare my tea cookies and document. My beautiful day to process Taiwan Visa in TETO office in Sudirman. I didn’t know exactly the building was but I’m sure it will be easy to find. Then I drove my car toward Antasari road, leave my car in Blok M park and then take busway. Damn it’s still dark in 6 o clock and my head feel dizzy coz not getting enough sleep at night. I bought busway ticket for Rp.40.000, it could refill anytime and all destination in busway route. Almost  years not getting this public transportation, the line is separated between women and men lines. OK, fair enough for safety rules.  I have confident the building is around Gelora Bung Karno. So, with my 1000% self esteem, I get out from the bus. whilst looking around for people to ask, I look up to the ticket locket and ask where is Artha Graha Building is. The officer said it’s near Polda Metro Jaya, you should stopped in Polda terminal. Ouuch! so instead of getting in busway again to reach one stop ahead, I better walking. It’s still morning instead. Then after walk for about 15 minutes, I found the building. and it was not right on the sudirman side road but behind stock exchange building. There you are……. edit DSCN2841DSCN2840

oosh,,NO bca OFFICE there. means I have to look for the bank since I haven’t print the bank book yet. I ask security for the nearest BCA bank around and He said in Equity building means I have to walk round about 10 minutes. Such a good way to get fit by walking again , burning my calories in the morning. Still 7 o clock, no Bank already open in this time. I ask what time the bank is open,It’s 8’15 , but if you only tend to print , there is a print machine in ATM center. oh well..This is a goodnews!!!  but it was before you find the autoprint machine….

atmatm 2 shoooot,..This machine only for Tahapan Gold account only!! whhat …!! so I just calm and take deep breath… ok, then I decide to wait until the bank open. Waiting in 7eleven seem would be good idea.

I needmore hot tea,,please


waiting and boring. At 8 o clock I enter the bank to print my banking book done. The ustomer service help me. Print bank book done. Back again to Artha Graha Building, It’s in Floor 12. Take lift no.7. , From outside the door, I look in and it’s already full of people. Yeaah they are mostly TKI Tenaga Kerja Indonesia for Taiwan. The security ask me for document. All prepared. Then He gave me queue number. Oh..I am the number one. Regular visa locket seem quiet. All check, the visa officer gave me receipt t be paid in cashier. It’s Rp. 550.000. DSCN2849

Be back on Monday 1-3 PM.. All right, Maam. Thank you…


Yeaapp!!! I Got approval for Taiwan Visa. Can’t Wait for 19 May …

I am your Guide

I hope Not more than a month, I would travelling again to Gili Meno. One of three Island in Gili, Lombok, Indonesia. If you interested to Join just contact me or keep in touch if you aren’t planning soon. I ‘ll be your travel bud.

Let’s Begin

Are you traveller?

Let’s share story about places, food, transport, people, local cultures, or uniqe things while you’re in vacation.

I will start with mine

Me, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Not so many places that I’ve been travel before but I already familiar with around Java and Bali island, and a little about Sumatra. I always hungry to explore other islands in Indonesia which have so many great places to see and most importantly you don’t have to save much money to go around.

Travelling around Jakarta also worthwhile to planned out on your schedule. You could avoid rush hour and traffic Jam if you already got info before to find the way through secluded road. It might be the populous town but indeed there are a lot of daunting prospect to see even if you only have a ltlle time. Museum, Kota Station, Monas, Malls, There so many transport to go fun too. You can try free bus for town sightseeing, or Busway for 1$, Bajaj which is cost starting from 5000 Rupiah (1 dollar) for short destination you can bargain, Ojek (motorcycle) also very cheap around 10.000 Rupiah (1 dollar) , Taxi, Train, Angkot (minivan) cost about 5000 Rupiah far or near destination.


Experiencing Betawi culture in Setu babakan, South of jakarta

start journey and find out about betawi culture in setu babakan, south of Jakarta which could enrich your knowledge of local people in Jakarta. Kampung is village in English Language, Betawi is the common call for local people in Jakarta. A picture and image of original culture of Jakarta local people ,You could explore and experiencing betawi culture such as see traditional betawi house, betawi dance, Ondel-ondel, dokar (horse drawn vehicle). The trip wouldn’t be complete without consuming betawi original dishes such as nasi uduk, semur, kerak telor, asinan betawi, traditional beverage (beer) pletok, kue serabi etc. and interact with local people which are very friendly and helpful. Setu babakan is a huge fake lake which is adjacent to the kampung. People nearby spend time with their kids and family here, bicycling, running, fishing etc



The most famous island in INDONESIA is BALI but actually there a lot of tour destination in INDONESIA it doesn’t matter if you are backpackers, honeymooners, young, old together with family or alone. Don’t worry for have great adventure. You could find stunning rice field, beautiful mountains, awesome panoramic view, traditional and tremendous people

I could give you a suggestion for backpackers of how to get vacation in BALI
Here you could find a cheap accommodation only 50$ in Bali, 5 $ eat each person, 10$ transport and just get cheap flight to come to BALI. And don’t worry about being alone because the local people are so nice and helpful.
1. Prepare your luggage with all thin cotton, sweater, glasses, hat, mosquito repellent, sun block and don’t forget your wallet and pocket dictionary.
2. Booking flight toward BALI
3. At arrival gate, grab brochure, yellow pages pocket, free maps, free magazine and newspaper such as Bali advertizer. I could suggest you to buy The YAK magazine for hotel reference and Let’s Eat Magazine instead of yellow pages pocket in your hand.
4. take TAXI to the nearest hotel in Kuta. only around 4$.
5. take rest for a night then after you read the info from the magazine that I suggest ready for great adventure

rent a car which is Petroleum and driver not included (you must have international driving license)
Toyota around 15$ for 24 hours, and around 250$ per month.
Karimun around 10$ for 24 hours, and around 180-200$ per month
APV around 15$ for 24 hours, and around 250$ per month

Beach destination for surfing

DIVING take 2 hours boat to site (cost 250$ return)

LAKE (need 2 hours from Denpasar )

MOUNTAIN (2 hours from Denpasar)

SECLUDED AND STUNNING VIEW One hour from Denpasar)

A THOUSAND TEMPLE SUCH AS (1 hour from Denpasar)

TRIP from UBUD to SURABAYA across GILIMANUK harbour To KETAPANG 2012

Starting from Ubud heading to Gilimanuk harbour, spent 3 hours by car. A day berore I already prepared to look info for weather and water highness to pass the bridge in Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika http://www.bmkg.go.id I went at 6 o’clock in the morning and reached Gilimanuk at 9:40. Along the journey I passed only local village, no fancy restaurant or rich hotel but don’t worry if you at sudden need take a rest to pee, there were a lot of small resto or we usually called it ‘warung’ to stop over for a while.

At the time we arrived onto harbour gate, car should paid 114.000 Rupiah for small sedan, minibus. and we park to wait until the ferry came. I waited not so long only 15 minutes and we got into the ferry deck. After we park our car at the bottom we could enjoy sea sightseeing from above, it really worthed! very beutiful and calm, we saw small ship, log carrier, twin screw vessel, and the most fun is the ferry crew were also very nice. I took picture from sea captain room 🙂 and they allowed me to. what a lucky girl!.

Took 45 minutes on the sea as we reached Ketapang harbour and the journey continued to Surabaya, City of East Java. At the crossroad we noticed information board about distance to Surabaya around 291 km.

First Town, We passed Banyuwangi Regency. the word of Banyuwangi in Javanese mean fragrance water. Many European tourists visiting Bali come to Banyuwangi to surf in Plengkung and dive in Tabuhan Island. Ferries from Bali arrive at the port of Ketapang, some 8 km to the north of Banyuwangi city. Plekung Beach is also known as G-land or green land have 3 types of waves up to 6 to 8 meters tall. The forest and river in Banyuwangi is well-preserved, says the Indonesia Dragonfly Society because they found 3 dragonfly species which only can live in good environment.

Next after Banyuwangi we passed Situbondo Regency. Alongside asphalt smooth road we could see beautiful stunning teak wood forest. I guess this regency is very rich because of their natural resources.

In between Situbondo and Probolinggo Regency, we saw the very big Power plant Paiton. wwwoow, it’s really giant monster. It’s so amazing . we almost felt like we only an ant in front of the elephant. we also passed beautiful magic rice field along the way like green carpet.
until we met sidoarjo mud flow or famous as Lapindo mud. It’s been in eruption since 2006, It started by PT.Lapindo Brantas drilled looking for natural gas and suddenly it blowout enormously uncontrollable. some scientists[2] and company officials contend it was caused by a distant earthquake. It is the biggest mud volcano in the world.

At 5:46 pm, we finally safely arrived in Surabaya City.