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Let’s share story about places, food, transport, people, local cultures, or uniqe things while you’re in vacation.

I will start with mine

Me, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Not so many places that I’ve been travel before but I already familiar with around Java and Bali island, and a little about Sumatra. I always hungry to explore other islands in Indonesia which have so many great places to see and most importantly you don’t have to save much money to go around.

Travelling around Jakarta also worthwhile to planned out on your schedule. You could avoid rush hour and traffic Jam if you already got info before to find the way through secluded road. It might be the populous town but indeed there are a lot of daunting prospect to see even if you only have a ltlle time. Museum, Kota Station, Monas, Malls, There so many transport to go fun too. You can try free bus for town sightseeing, or Busway for 1$, Bajaj which is cost starting from 5000 Rupiah (1 dollar) for short destination you can bargain, Ojek (motorcycle) also very cheap around 10.000 Rupiah (1 dollar) , Taxi, Train, Angkot (minivan) cost about 5000 Rupiah far or near destination.


Experiencing Betawi culture in Setu babakan, South of jakarta

start journey and find out about betawi culture in setu babakan, south of Jakarta which could enrich your knowledge of local people in Jakarta. Kampung is village in English Language, Betawi is the common call for local people in Jakarta. A picture and image of original culture of Jakarta local people ,You could explore and experiencing betawi culture such as see traditional betawi house, betawi dance, Ondel-ondel, dokar (horse drawn vehicle). The trip wouldn’t be complete without consuming betawi original dishes such as nasi uduk, semur, kerak telor, asinan betawi, traditional beverage (beer) pletok, kue serabi etc. and interact with local people which are very friendly and helpful. Setu babakan is a huge fake lake which is adjacent to the kampung. People nearby spend time with their kids and family here, bicycling, running, fishing etc



The most famous island in INDONESIA is BALI but actually there a lot of tour destination in INDONESIA it doesn’t matter if you are backpackers, honeymooners, young, old together with family or alone. Don’t worry for have great adventure. You could find stunning rice field, beautiful mountains, awesome panoramic view, traditional and tremendous people

I could give you a suggestion for backpackers of how to get vacation in BALI
Here you could find a cheap accommodation only 50$ in Bali, 5 $ eat each person, 10$ transport and just get cheap flight to come to BALI. And don’t worry about being alone because the local people are so nice and helpful.
1. Prepare your luggage with all thin cotton, sweater, glasses, hat, mosquito repellent, sun block and don’t forget your wallet and pocket dictionary.
2. Booking flight toward BALI
3. At arrival gate, grab brochure, yellow pages pocket, free maps, free magazine and newspaper such as Bali advertizer. I could suggest you to buy The YAK magazine for hotel reference and Let’s Eat Magazine instead of yellow pages pocket in your hand.
4. take TAXI to the nearest hotel in Kuta. only around 4$.
5. take rest for a night then after you read the info from the magazine that I suggest ready for great adventure

rent a car which is Petroleum and driver not included (you must have international driving license)
Toyota around 15$ for 24 hours, and around 250$ per month.
Karimun around 10$ for 24 hours, and around 180-200$ per month
APV around 15$ for 24 hours, and around 250$ per month

Beach destination for surfing

DIVING take 2 hours boat to site (cost 250$ return)

LAKE (need 2 hours from Denpasar )

MOUNTAIN (2 hours from Denpasar)

SECLUDED AND STUNNING VIEW One hour from Denpasar)

A THOUSAND TEMPLE SUCH AS (1 hour from Denpasar)

TRIP from UBUD to SURABAYA across GILIMANUK harbour To KETAPANG 2012

Starting from Ubud heading to Gilimanuk harbour, spent 3 hours by car. A day berore I already prepared to look info for weather and water highness to pass the bridge in Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika http://www.bmkg.go.id I went at 6 o’clock in the morning and reached Gilimanuk at 9:40. Along the journey I passed only local village, no fancy restaurant or rich hotel but don’t worry if you at sudden need take a rest to pee, there were a lot of small resto or we usually called it ‘warung’ to stop over for a while.

At the time we arrived onto harbour gate, car should paid 114.000 Rupiah for small sedan, minibus. and we park to wait until the ferry came. I waited not so long only 15 minutes and we got into the ferry deck. After we park our car at the bottom we could enjoy sea sightseeing from above, it really worthed! very beutiful and calm, we saw small ship, log carrier, twin screw vessel, and the most fun is the ferry crew were also very nice. I took picture from sea captain room 🙂 and they allowed me to. what a lucky girl!.

Took 45 minutes on the sea as we reached Ketapang harbour and the journey continued to Surabaya, City of East Java. At the crossroad we noticed information board about distance to Surabaya around 291 km.

First Town, We passed Banyuwangi Regency. the word of Banyuwangi in Javanese mean fragrance water. Many European tourists visiting Bali come to Banyuwangi to surf in Plengkung and dive in Tabuhan Island. Ferries from Bali arrive at the port of Ketapang, some 8 km to the north of Banyuwangi city. Plekung Beach is also known as G-land or green land have 3 types of waves up to 6 to 8 meters tall. The forest and river in Banyuwangi is well-preserved, says the Indonesia Dragonfly Society because they found 3 dragonfly species which only can live in good environment.

Next after Banyuwangi we passed Situbondo Regency. Alongside asphalt smooth road we could see beautiful stunning teak wood forest. I guess this regency is very rich because of their natural resources.

In between Situbondo and Probolinggo Regency, we saw the very big Power plant Paiton. wwwoow, it’s really giant monster. It’s so amazing . we almost felt like we only an ant in front of the elephant. we also passed beautiful magic rice field along the way like green carpet.
until we met sidoarjo mud flow or famous as Lapindo mud. It’s been in eruption since 2006, It started by PT.Lapindo Brantas drilled looking for natural gas and suddenly it blowout enormously uncontrollable. some scientists[2] and company officials contend it was caused by a distant earthquake. It is the biggest mud volcano in the world.

At 5:46 pm, we finally safely arrived in Surabaya City.


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